100% Organic

Use it as a booster to improve plant health and nutrient uptake, or as a standalone organic fertilizer. 

Why Choose VermiBoost?

The ultimate natural booster for your plants

Cost Effective Multi-Purpose Solution for All Plant Types

Provides Essential Supplement, Improves Yield

Boosts Stronger Plant and Better Root Health, Works Well with Fertilizers

Best Performance Organic Fertilizer/Soil Amendment in the Market

Quality Control with Optimum Process

Revives Depleted Soil, Improves Soil Structures


Listen to what our customers have to say.

Highly Recommended

“I am truly amazed by this organic fertilizer! Our plants were struggling and we decided to give this organic fertilizer a try out of curiosity, not expecting much. However, it exceeded all our expectations and delivered exceptional results. Witnessing the flowers blossoming again was nothing short of a miracle. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a natural and effective way to nurture their plants back to health.” — Mrs. Ng

Customers’ Satisfaction

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers for their unwavering support in making our organic fertilizer part of their gardening routine. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for choosing our product to be a part of yours.

Suitable for All Plant Types

VermiBoost is created through a natural process where earthworms break down organic matter, enhanced by effective microorganisms, providing the highest-quality nutrient-rich product. Not only does VermiBoost improve plant health and growth, but it also improves soil structure, promoting better nutrient absorption for thriving greenery.

Boost Plants Health and Growth

Give your plants the ultimate organic booster to grow and stay in health!


Crafted by earthworms, the organic elixir acts like a shield against diseases.


Enriching soils with a diverse ensemble of beneficial microorganisms, VermiBoost transforms your soil into a thriving ecosystem.

Enhance fertilizer absorption

Packed with essential nutrients and enzymes, VermiBoost nurtures seeds into robust life.


The perfect milieu for plant growth, where balance is the key.

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