About Vermas

The world deserves healthier food and a better environment!

Vermas understands the importance of the sustainable farming. We are dedicated to producing  organic fertilizers that provide the essential nutrients to the plants and crops. Apart of nourishing the plants we maintain the health of the soil to keep farming and the environment sustainable.

Our Product

Benefits of Vermicast

Vermicast helps the soil absorb and retain water, and the organic matter in it helps improve the soil structure. Its enhanced microbial activity, organic matter and mucus secretions makes the soil particles clump together. A higher aggregate stability and better soil structure are essential for a better soil fertility and productivity. Vermicast is definitely an ideal choice for sustainable and organic farming, regardless of the scale.

Production of Vermicast


Vermicast is an organic and natural fertilizer produced from the decomposition process using composting earthworms. We feed our earthworms with only organic waste such as paper and surplus  vegetables, and that is how we get the Vermicast, the natural nutrient-rich fertilizer and soil conditioner.


Waste Management Program
Save the Earth

Vermas collaborates with businesses that are interested in contributing to the waste management program. Together we can make the earth a better place!