The intersection of agriculture and technology, often referred to as AgriTech, is redefining the way we […]
The issue of waste management has transcended local concerns to become a global challenge that demands […]
Vertical Farming A Rising Trend in Urban Agriculture
As the world’s population continues to grow and urbanization becomes more prevalent, traditional agriculture faces numerous […]
vermas getting started guide
Unleash the power of nature with Vermas Vermicompost! Here is the Getting Started Guide for our […]
We have just launched our first reward based crowdfunding campaign at pitchIN! You can now support […]
coffee beans
Coffee grounds are often applied to the soil directly by many farmers and gardeners as fertilizers […]
What is Vermicast? Vermicast is the product of breakdown of organic matter using composting earthworms. Vermicast […]
Going green? Worms can do it! Vermicast is an organic and natural fertilizer produced from the […]