What is Vermicast?

Vermicast is the product of breakdown of organic matter using composting earthworms. Vermicast is also known as worm castings, worm manure or sometimes the black gold due to the high value of the compost. Vermicast is an organic and natural fertilizer and soil conditioner as it is the end-product of the decomposition process of organic matter by earthworms. The process, which is known as vermicomposting, is aerobic and odourless – the earthworms consume the organic waste and then excrete the nutrient-rich castings. If you prefer an organic fertilizer, Vermicast is definitely a great choice for your soil conditioners or nutrients for your plants.

Vermicast improves soil aeration and porosity as well as water retention.

Through the process of Vermicomposting, the essential nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium will be in a form that is more easily absorbed by plants, compared with the nutrients in the raw materials. The nutrients in Vermicast are known to improve seed germination and plant productivity.

Apart from the rich water-soluble nutrients stored in Vermicast, the main benefit of Vermicast is the beneficial microbes contained in it. These microbes ingest organic matter in the soil and help retain water in the soil as well. Vermicast is now widely used in sustainable and organic farming due to these benefits.

Vermicast helps maintain the soil health as well. It improves soil aeration and porosity besides water retention. Its enhanced microbial activity and mucus secretions help the soil particles clump together, causing aggregate stability. The use of Vermicast in farming has the potential to improve crop productivity, consumers’ health, and the environmental sustainability.

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